The vulnerability of motorcyclists on New Jersey’s roads is underscored by an unacceptably high, and disproportionate number of fatalities among riders. Fatality statistics only tell part of the story; there are so many more individuals who have sustained a brain injury from transportation-related crashes whose lives are changed forever. Many individuals are unaware that seat belts, car seats, traffic lights and other engineered technology were developed, primarily, to prevent brain injury. Not only is brain injury devastating to the individual who sustains the injury, but also to their family, friends, and associates. In addition, the financial cost of this injury is not limited to individuals and families but extends to the greater community, state, and the nation.

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to provide support and advocacy for individuals affected by brain injury and raise public awareness through education and prevention. This website was developed to raise awareness about the vulnerability of motorcycles and how both motorists and riders can make a few changes that can effectively change the statistics and make New Jersey roads safer for all of us.