New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety

  • NJ Safe Roads provides general information about the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety and the state-wide safety campaigns
  • Motorcycle Safety provides motorcycle safety facts and resources from the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety
  • Alcohol Awareness provides alcohol-related information and resources from the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety
  • Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over is a national campaign committed to reducing deaths from impaired driving. Includes impaired driving facts and statistics.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is a not-for-profit organization that is a developer of internationally recognized motorcycle rider education and training curricula. The main training program of the MSF is the comprehensive, research-based, Rider Education and Training System (MSF RETS). RETS is designed to promote lifelong-learning for motorcyclists and continuous professional development for certified RiderCoaches and other trainers. MSF is also active in government relations, safety research, public awareness campaigns, and the provision of technical assistance for state training and licensing programs.  Additional topics covered include:

Coalition Members

  • Central Jersey Rider Training is a non-profit educational organization serving the areas surrounding Mercer and Atlantic Counties and is fully approved to provide the MSF and state of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission rider courses.
  • FDU Motorcycle Safety Education is a division of Fairleigh Dickinson University, the only MSF RiderCourse provider in NJ to be directly part of a private university while building confidence and responsibility through Rider Perception in risk management.
  • Rider Education of NJ (RENJ) is a non-profit educational organization based in Edison, NJ and is fully approved to teach MSF and the state of New Jersey rider courses
  • Rider Training of New Jersey is a non-profit organization focused on increasing the skill and awareness of motorcycle operators and the general public. They offer several programs of instruction and cater to all ability and experience levels.
  • Sinister Steel Motorcycle Association links with federal, state and local traffic safety professionals to help raise motorcycle safety awareness.
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
  • NJ Motorcycle Manual provides information on laws, practice riding and road tests for motorcycle riders
  • Alcohol Section of the Drivers’ Manual provides information on the importance of riding sober and awake
  • Share the Road provides information on a motorist’s responsibility to know how to safely share the road with others
  • NJ Ridesafe provides information and locations of MSF-certified rider courses in New Jersey

Research and Studies

Motorcycle ABS – Why You Want to Ride With it
Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s 100 Motorcyclists Naturalistic Study
The Hurt Study A summary of findings of the 1981 study on the causes and effects of motorcycle crashes
NHTSA Motorcycle Crash Causes and Outcomes: Pilot Study