GirlWithGogglesWhat comes to mind when you think of a motorcyclist? Do you imagine a tough guy covered in tattoos and leather?  Hollywood and popular media have settled on their idea of what it means to be a “biker,” but that image only serves to minimize the humanity of a large group of people. The truth is that riders are a diverse group drawn from all age groups and lifestyles.




Seniors-Motorcycle-HelmetsThere is no such thing as a standard “type” of person who rides a motorcycle. It is impossible to judge people based on their preferred method of transportation. In NJ, about one out of every twenty motorists rides a motorcycle. So, whether or not you realize it, you probably know someone who rides. Forget about traditional media depictions of riders; in reality, each rider is a father, mother, son or daughter, or grandparent. Sharing the road is an easy way to help ensure they are safe on New Jersey’s roads.





Woman on motorcycle feature blockAs of 2009, the average age for motorcyclists in the United States was 41. Additionally, women made up 10% of American riders that same year. Of New Jersey’s 63 motorcycle fatalities that year, 25 were over 40 years old, 20 were between 31-40 years old, 14 were between 21-30 years old, and 4 were between 17-20 years old.